Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chep's Environmental Slogans

As both Chep and myself are rather ardent hippy, liberal, enviro-tree-hugger douches, and since Obama's speech at the DNC Chep's had himself a rage-on for the political scene, we figured it might be best while we collect ourselves for a run at actually providing you fine churlishers with a webcomic to show you the future of political sloganage via Chep's particular brand of sloganeering. Enjoy.

PS. Chep wanted me to add one additional thing: pudnut. It's his favorite word.

New Chep

Chep has been really distracted by the election and the current state of world affairs, so in prelude to his glorious debut, he will drumming up support of his platform via a series of slogans and ads. The first one will be tonight.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Page 1 Thumbnail

FINALLY! Here is page 1 roughage. The hardest part about this is trying to figure just how to go about it mechanically. Do I try and layout my boards all together, or do I do up each image, paste it to the board, and then set about my word balloons and lettering? Questions questions. Not sure how this is going to be presented overall, but we're at least moving now.

Chep's there doing his thing in panel 3. I'm just yelling. Most of the time and trying to get Chep to behave.

*edit* I think maybe bigger.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is the first image of Chep I feel like posting. Notice the goggles, and the button-down polo.

Some Chep dynamics are coming soon, and the pages are trickling forth slowly but surely. Chep's Poor Impulse Control will soon be available in your local living room, but for now:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Stutter, stutter, plonk

Chep is still a ways out. Chep is going to take some form as a webcomic but May has been a rough and shitty slog through more crap and vile detritus than I care to elaborate upon. I was hoping to have 10 pages done by the end of next week and be supremely happy with a nice frontload, but this last salvo of finding out I am being downsized/laid-off, is well, shitty as all hell. I'm drawing and sketching and working on being a less shitty artist, but well, its a slow, hard burn.

I will put up some thumbnails and some stupid drawings of Chep once I locate a scanner I can use.

In the meanwhiles, you should read Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Miller. I was very fortunate to be able to work on this book as the proofreader of the US edition from Soft Skull Press, who also published the Good Fairies of New York which I found because of that Gaiman fellow who writes all those comics and books of which I am a fan wrote an introduction which I found while trolling Soft Skull's site a few years back. I've been giving both books out as gifts for Christmas and no one has yet to say they didn't love it. Then go read Tim Kreider's The Pain, When Will it End.

And check out the 01:02 Blog, some great stuff there.

And again, to repeat and repeat myself, back to Hanalei.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chep's a coming!

I am hoping in about a month. I've started laying out pages and trying to figure out how to actually get a page online such that it looks good, but I've gotten some good bits of story down and Chep is roaming the thumbnails I've done up.

Come on back soon, and in the meantime, check out a story I wrote here: http://tragicpens.blogspot.com