Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chep's Environmental Slogans

As both Chep and myself are rather ardent hippy, liberal, enviro-tree-hugger douches, and since Obama's speech at the DNC Chep's had himself a rage-on for the political scene, we figured it might be best while we collect ourselves for a run at actually providing you fine churlishers with a webcomic to show you the future of political sloganage via Chep's particular brand of sloganeering. Enjoy.

PS. Chep wanted me to add one additional thing: pudnut. It's his favorite word.

New Chep

Chep has been really distracted by the election and the current state of world affairs, so in prelude to his glorious debut, he will drumming up support of his platform via a series of slogans and ads. The first one will be tonight.